R.E. Warner & Associates was the prime consultant providing preliminary design, detailed design, bidding and award support, construction administration and resident construction support for warehouse improvements to the Nottingham and Central Warehouse Facilities and the West Park and Strongsville Maintenance facilities including but not limited to expanding, upgrading, repairing and otherwise improving these facilities for the Cleveland Division of Water, Department of Public Utilities. The project scope of work included:

Harvard Yard Facility

      • New 13,000 SF storage building


      • L-shaped canopy and appropriate garage doors


      • Bulk storage bins


      • Expanded entrance and new security house


      • Dust control at the storage bins


      • Pavement and drainage improvements and lighting as well as upgrading of fencing


      • HVAC improvements to the Vehicle Maintenance Building


      • Security enhancements


      • Traffic improvements between warehouse and administration building


    • Design of electrical and HVAC improvements to Administration Building’s Network Room

Pearl Road Service Facility, Strongsville Improvement

      • Grading improvements


      • Paving


      • Fuel tank replacements


    • Bulk storage bins

Nottingham WTP Facility

      • Modification of existing building for efficient usage including machine shop, pipe repair, pump station and meter storage


      • Bulk storage bins


      • Paving, drainage, sediment control and dust control at spoils area


      • Replacement of above ground fueling tanks with two 4000 gallon above ground tanks


      • Facility enhancements which include new locker room facilities, break area, and office space


    • Storage design

Westpark Substation Facility

      • Exterior improvements that include a new roof, windows, doors, and exterior painting


      • Bulk storage bins


      • Facility electrical and HVAC upgrades and exterior lighting


      • New men’s and women’s locker room facilities


      • New break room and manager’s office


    • Storage design

Challenges and Successes:

This project incorporates four distinctive sites, each with their own set of challenges and nuances. With that said, we were able to incorporate upfront coordination efforts and planning that in turn alleviated many problems that otherwise would have come to fruition. Close coordination with the client and client’s team allowed for issues to be addressed quickly and incorporated into the documents in a timely manner. Due to this effort the Construction Drawings were delivered ahead of schedule.