Preparation of design drawings for the installation of the Temple Inland orange flue and duct system to improve boiler efficiency by increasing the throughput. The system included connecting existing dust collector to new economizer, new economizer to induced draft fan inlet and new induced draft fan to existing scrubber fan inlet flue.


  • Prepared final flue and duct arrangement and erection drawings; which included tie-in connections, expansion joints and support interfaces for an addition of an economizer in a Bark boiler system.
  • Detail design included special considerations for high temperature flue and duct.
  • Detail design of structural supports.
  • Coordinated the flue and duct support points with global coordinates as defined by the plant grid and elevations.
  • Design included seismic and high winds (installation within a coastal region).
  • Coordinated with B&W and end user to assisting in equipment layout.