R.E. Warner & Associates was selected to provide engineering and construction support services for major utility interconnections linking several blast furnaces and powerhouses at a steel producer’s Cleveland Works. The $15 million project was the capstone to a series of feasibility and preliminary engineering projects.

As a result, blast furnace gas, a by-product created during the production of pig iron, is now routed to three powerhouses throughout the plant. The powerhouses use the blast furnace gas, along with several other fuel options, to generate steam and electricity for use in the facility. This project was unusually complex because it linked areas throughout a very large complex. The blast furnace gas was routed via a 78” diameter spiral-welded steel pipe which included a Cuyahoga River crossing. In the course of the preliminary design, a value engineering analysis by R.E. Warner resulted in a routing that relocated the gas line supports away from navigable waters of the river and saved the client significant construction costs.