Plum Brook Station is a satellite of NASA’s Glenn Research Center situated on 6,400 acres of land in Sandusky, Ohio.

The Plum Brook Station facilities possess testing capabilities unmatched anywhere else in the world. Since 1958, NASA has used Plum Brook Station to test highly specialized space-bound hardware used in the Titan IV, the Mars Pathfinder Air Bag Landing System, and numerous other cutting edge technologies.


  • Design of a 34.5 KV protective relaying scheme, including full coordination study and a transfer trip scheme between two substations.
  • Load flow study, short circuit analysis, and arc flash review of the 34.5 KV, 7.2 KV and 4.16 KV distribution system.
  • Installation of a 6,000 KVAR, 7.2 KV, multistep power factor correction capacitor bank system.