R.E. Warner was called upon to provide industrial engineering services to complete logistical studies and simulation modeling for the following three major projects:

  • Increased Coil Production & Future Cut-to-Length Equipment Product Line
  • With the possible addition of new equipment and the anticipation of increased output of total product, this comprehensive logistical study determined requirements for material handling equipment, storage, shipping and labor requirements.
  • Melt Shop Process Line
  • With an anticipated production output of 700,000 annual tons of billets, a steel processing facility owner required a detailed study of their melt shop operations which included a simulation model of this operation to insure that all components of their melt shop would be able to meet these goals. The study analyzed all operations from initial scrap handling to the 77 ton electric furnace, through de-gassing operations, through tundishes, continuous casting operations and final run-out tables.
  • Billet and Finished Coil Handling Study

This study defined and organized the owner’s future material movement throughout their site to ensure a smooth and efficient operation at their billet storage area and the finished goods areas. The study looked at 3 different phases of 380,000 tons/year, 580,000 tons/year and 800,000 tons/year. The study included proposed layouts, material handling equipment costs, site development costs and building improvement costs.