The Easterly WWTP is an activated sludge plant which currently uses ferric chloride for phosphorous removal and improved solids settling, sodium hypochlorite for disinfection of plant effluent and non-potable water, sodium bisulfate for dechlorination, and sodium hydroxide for pH control.

The purpose of this project is to provide a new disinfection system, a new building(s) that will house the disinfection equipment, and evaluate the need to include facilities to also treat the primary effluent bypass which is used during storm events.  This project will replace the existing disinfection system installed in 1989 on an emergency, temporary basis.

R.E. Warner’s scope of work included preparation of plans and specifications for construction of the new chemical storage and feed facility which will comply with the new NPDES requirements.

  • Development of chemical treatment quantities and rates to comply with the new NPDES requirements