With the completion of the Kent Dam Bypass project, it is difficult to navigate safely around the Dam with channel conditions and during high river flows. Providing access points upstream and downstream of the bridge and Dam will provide the public a safer and easier portage around the Dam.

The improvements will include a new access “take out” locations upstream and downstream of the Main Street Bridge and Dam. The new access points will be connected to the existing trail and boardwalk with new ramps and stairs.

For boaters portaging around the bridge and Dam, a launching area and new set of upstream stairs and canoe glide will be constructed leading up to the existing  trail under the bridge. Further downstream of the Dam a second set of new stairs, canoe glide, and ramp to a launching area will be constructed to the river.

Improvements will be made to the existing wooden boardwalk and steps around the Heritage Park area to facilitate portaging around the Dam. This will include removing the existing railing on three sets of stairs and retrofitting a canoe glide onto the railing. A small section of the wooden boardwalk will be widened and replaced.

R.E. Warner & Associates is providing all the surveying, engineering and architectural design and construction services for river access and dam portage, public involvement, and agency coordination for the proposed improvements and retrofits.