R.E. Warner was retained to design, analyze and prepare plans and specifications for construction of a new 8 inch, 3,000 lf above ground fuel oil line, including stress analysis, pipe supports and bridges at the Bruce Mansfield power plant.

R.E. Warner’s scope of work included:

  • Design of a fully operational fuel oil system to replace the existing under ground system with an above ground system
  • Design of a fuel oil system utilizing a common pumping and tank system
  • Design of a main line to transport fuel oil from an existing tow unloading station to the above ground tanks while utilizing the existing pump houses
  • Design of the main header with options to either route under the existing railway (CSX Rail Company) and two roadways or above using a series of trusses
  • Design of a tank and pump system to supply fuel oil at an increased flow rate
  • Design of instrumentation and control equipment associated with the proposed system
  • Development of a coordination scheme to tie-in to the existing system
  • System design with all the proper valves, meters, gauges, and alarms that replicate the current systems requirements and design as well as latest PA DEP and other regulations
  • System design to accommodate the Burner Management System