R.E. Warner & Associates provides a culture that empowers employees to grow and develop as quickly and as far as their talent and energy will take them. In addition to comprehensive salary and benefits, R.E. Warner offers the following:

  • ownership opportunities at all levels
  • an open and honest environment where input and ideas are solicited from everyone
  • a fun and dynamic atmosphere where projects are challenging but the work environment includes modern,
  • state-of-the-art technology and facilities, individual improvement plans for training, continuing education opportunities and career development.


Employees Come First

At R.E. Warner, we believe in creating a team dedicated to accomplishing great things together. We make a personal commitment to institute a collaborative culture that brings our most experienced engineers and staff together with our rising young stars who are in the beginning of their careers. Learning from each other, in a mentor/mentee role, can only improve the quality of experience in all of our employees to ultimately increase the quality of work that we provide to our clients.

Our employees enjoy health, wellness, educational and many other personal benefits. Read more about our benfits packages on our benefits page.

Join Us
Talented people are the foundation and strength of our firm. We are always looking for the best talent to join us.

Mentorship Matters

Our mission is to empower R.E. Warner employees to reach their goals by providing guidance and positive direction in developing trust, technical skills and personal relationships to help enrich the R.E. Warner professional work experience.

'The Mentorship Matters program is designed specifically to mentor the future leaders of our company by building relationships that last a lifetime.'


Wellness of our staff is a high priority at R.E. Warner & Associates. Our active wellness committee plans several events throughout the year, including a health fair, lunch and learns, and fitness-related events that promote healthy ways of life through diet, lifestyle, exercise, spirituality and overall well-being.

  • Lunch selections during company-provided luncheons have been improved, and is still improving, to a selection of healthier choices instead of choices that provided little to no nutritional value.
  • A wellness newsletter is issued to the staff every month along with a quiz. When the quiz is turned in all participants will be eligible to win a gift certificate to a local retailer.
  • A CSA delivery program also is available at R.E. Warner where local and organic produce, pasta, sauces and snacks can be delivered to make eating healthier just a little bit easier.

We are committed to giving our employees the tools necessary to live a healthy lifestyle and are open to their suggestions on improving the corporate wellness program.

'The Warner Wellness program shall promote a worksite culture that supports employee's desire to make healthy lifestyle choices within their personal and professional lives with respect to physical and mental wellbeing.'