Vertical Construction Surveying

Vertical Construction Surveying

Our vertical construction surveying services include establishing theoretical column lines on completed floors in addition to establishing benchmarks for the use of various subcontractors. Maintaining accurate theoretical column line positions from floor to floor is critical due to the multitude of uses in which this control is utilized. Interior partition walls utilize this control and may contain vertical conduits inside the walls that have very little position tolerance from floor to floor. Exterior building facades, such as window mullions and glass panels, are placed using our control. Ensuring the window units are installed in the correct position and plumb ensures the exterior façade will not contain shadow lines and is pleasing to the human eye.

We strive to maintain a very tight tolerance in setting our vertical construction services. This is achieved by erecting many reflective prisms on surrounding buildings. By daily checking of these prisms prior to setting any control, we can adjust as needed for building movement due to warming by the sun.

Some of our past vertical construction projects are:

  • Crocker Park of Westlake
  • Cleveland Clinic Heart Center
  • Earnest & Young Building on the East Bank of the Flats
  • Ahuja Medical Center in Beachwood
  • Cleveland Museum of Art
  • University Hospital Cancer Building
  • Eaton World Headquarters in Beachwood
  • Southwest Hospital Emergency Room
  • Cleveland Clinic Hospital in Avon
  • Anthony J. Celebrezze Federal Building
  • Hilton Cleveland/Downtown Convention Center Hotel
Representative Clients

  • The Albert M. Higley Company
  • Bradley Construction Company, Inc.
  • Cleveland Contractors, Inc.
  • Forest City Erectors
  • Gilbane Building Company
  • Gorman-Lavelle Corporation
  • Great Lakes Construction Company
  • Huron Valley Glass Company, LLC
  • Independence Excavating, Inc.
  • Kelly Steel Erectors, Inc.
  • Marous Brothers Construction Company
  • National Enclosure Company
  • North America Precast Services
  • OCP Contractors
  • Panzica Construction Company
  • Royal Landscape, Inc.
  • Ullman Electric
  • Whiting Turner Construction Company