R.E. Warner is the design consultant to Rudolph Libbe for “cold idle” of a powerhouse of a Cleveland automotive facility while maintaining the primary power and distribution active.

This project involves the utility decommissioning required to allow the powerhouse to be put in cold idle. The following are part of the utility decommissioning:


  • Natural gas line to powerhouse equipment being decommissioned.
  • City water feed to powerhouse.
  • Sanitary sewer from powerhouse and wastewater treatment.
  • Industrial water line.
  • Compressed air system.
  • Fire riser.
  • Replacement of sump pumps.
  • Existing stack drain.


  • Metering, monitoring and annunciator in powerhouse.
  • Servers in powerhouse.
  • Power for storm pond pumphouse.
  • Power for industrial waste freeze protection.
  • Sump pump replacement power and freeze protection.
  • Power to wastewater treatment plant.
  • Conduit and cable routing for the Motorola antenna.
  • Interconnection for the CEP2 surveillance.


  • Coal elevator opening and water softener enclosure.