Aerial Mapping

Aerial Mapping

Utilizing the latest technologies in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Accurate Technologies has processed data from UAV drones for photography and to obtain accurate ground elevations since mid-2013. In 2015, we received the FAA variance to fly a drone commercially for surveying, mapping and engineering purposes.

Aerial Photography – Aerial Images
Aerial Photography can be achieved with 1-½″ (4 cm) pixel images. This dense photography can make smaller objects visible that are not visible using most photography available from government agencies on the web. Additionally, the photography will be up-to-date depicting current site conditions.

The small pixel size allows for field-located markings to be picked up in the photography, such as utility locator’s markings, environmental engineers’ field markings, utility reference post, etc. This great resolution allows items as small as 3-4″ in size to be locatable.

When accurate control markers are set by our field surveyors, the geographic accuracies of items within the photography can be accurate to 3″ (8cm). This accuracy will far exceed the majority of aerial photography available on the web. This data is geo-referenced for suitable use in G.I.S. systems and CAD drawings, and can be set to state plane or project coordinates. The images also can be brought into AutoCAD and used for accurate background data.

Common usage for geo-referenced images include:

  • Engineering & planning
  • Construction progress documentation
  • Pipeline route feasibility study
  • Verification utility route encroachments or vegetation growth
  • Real-estate document as-exist conditions, buildings, improvements, encroachments.
  • G.I.S./Environmental mapping
  • Studies – land usage, vegetation, wetlands
  • Special event planning
  • Security/fire planning and education

Aerial Contour Mapping (3d Mapping)
The UAV (drone mapping system) is capable of providing elevation datum accurate to 2-½″ (6cm) with accurate ground control. This accuracy allows our staff to create elevation contours that can be used for mapping, volumetric surveys and more.

Contour maps can be created to an accuracy down to 0.20 feet. To achieve these accuracies, field crews will set control targets that the mapping coordinator will use to adjust the photography. The flight heights would be lowered and more time and data is gathered.

In the event less accurate data is required as a means to reduce the amount data and/or cost, the process can be tailored to each project. The required accuracy directly effects the flight heights and the amount of data captured.

Common usages for an accurate elevation contour map (3d map) include:

  • Engineering designs
  • Drainage studies
  • As-build documentation
  • Cut/fill quantities
  • Pay quantities
  • Material storage quantities
  • Environmental studies
  • Utility routing and mapping
  • G.I.S. data
  • Flood/FEMA studies
  • Land usage study
Representative Clients

  • BDO
  • DZL
  • Fresh Mark
  • Republic Steel
  • Stark County Engineers
  • TimkenSteel
  • US Steel Corporation

Please contact us today to learn how we can put our UAV aerial services to work for you in Stark County and Northeast Ohio including the cities of Canton, Massillon, Akron, Cleveland, Youngstown and Dover-New Philadelphia as well as the surrounding states of Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana and Michigan.