The Lorain County National Society of Professional Engineers held their Mathcounts competition program Saturday, Feb. 15 at the Lorain County Community College. Students from Langston Middle School coached by Ken Stanley, Learwood Middle School coached by Bill Henderson and Lee Burnson Middle School coached by Anne Dill and Mark Stewart participated in the competition.

The format for the MATHCOUNTS event included three timed rounds: the sprint, the target, and the team contest.  Calculators were allowed in the target round and in the team round. Rounds were followed by consensus-building periods.  Team and individual winners advance to state competitions.  Winners at the state level then advance to the national competition.

The team from Lee Burnson will be advancing to the state competition and the individuals who will advance to state competition are Meghana Random from Lee Burneson and Owen Decatur from Langston.

The goal of the competition is to promote mathematics at the middle school level with the hope of encouraging students to take advanced math classes in high school and college.

Several R.E. Warner employees took part in the monitoring and grading of tests.  These included Terry and Becky McClain, Jeff Spangler, Mike Morrell, and Lydia and Elizabeth Janis.