Over the past several years, the Upper Chester Neighborhood and adjacent University Circle area has seen continued growth and expansion as a result of the Cleveland Clinic, VA facilities and completion of the Euclid Corridor project. These improvements and other neighborhood development projects have contributed to a gradual increase in peak hour traffic congestion, travel delay, and apparent deficiencies in the existing roadway network. Some roadway and traffic improvements have been made to accommodate the growth, however congestion will likely increase over time along East 101st and East 105th Street, Chester Avenue, and Euclid Avenue.

R.E. Warner is providing professional services to prepare designs, construction drawings, specifications and cost estimates for the four proposed roadway improvements of the Phase I Development.  These include the Lamont Avenue extension, Logan Court extension, Park Lane extension, and East 90th Street connection.  The total length of the four improvements is approximately 4,000 feet.

The design and construction project will be administered by the Division of Engineering and Construction according to City of Cleveland and ODOT standards where applicable. Key coordination will be required with the Division of Traffic Engineering, Cleveland Division of Water, Division of Water Pollution Control, NEORSD, Cleveland Public Power, GCTRA, local stakeholders and public utility agencies.