In an effort to increase production, reduce or eliminate maintenance problems, and to provide a more healthy production environment, R.E. Warner & Associates, Inc. was selected to completely redesign an existing dust collection system serving a variety of material handling and sizing operations within a lime and stone producer’s warehouse and mill building.

 R.E. Warner’s scope of work consisted of the following tasks:

 •             Site visit to obtain existing drawings, applicable data, and physical dimensions.

 •             Review of over sixty pick-up points spanning over seven stories and three major areas/buildings for a variety of material handling and sizing operations within warehouse, mill building, and storage silos.

 •             Generated background drawings.

 •             Determined recommended exhaust flow rates including the appropriate provisions for future operations.

 •             Performed required calculations for duct sizing and static pressure (fan sizing).

 •             Generated duct layout approval drawings for the dust collections system.

 •             Prepared construction issue documents.

 •             Review of vendor’s detailed analysis stack testing report to determine existing conditions.