As part of a steel maker’s commitment to providing preventative maintenance and a safe working environment for its workforce, various buildings are identified each year for structural observation and assessment.

The objective of the observation and assessment program is to endeavor to identify readily observable structural deficiencies related to the building columns and crane runway support and load transfer mechanisms and related safety related systems and report on identified issues related to these observed deficiencies.

R.E. Warner provided the following services to fulfill the scope of services:

  • Performed planning, scheduling and field coordination activities for each building or other structure included in the program Scope of Work.
  • Performed a visual observation of the major runway system components, girders, columns, and backup systems. Observations included column bases and associated visible portions of the concrete foundations and column anchorages.
  • Provided the findings of the field assessments to the owner in an easily interpreted and field-friendly spreadsheet format which also included additional information to assist the AK in coordinating and tracking recommended repairs. The spreadsheet report also includes engineering recommendations and standard repair details where appropriate.


  • Observation and assessment of between eight and 10 complete EOT Crane supporting structures (number varies by year)
  • Up to three miles of elevated rail support structure assessed annually