R.E. Warner & Associates, Inc. was selected to provide designs to replace existing high-rise apartment buildings’ space heating boilers and domestic hot water heating boilers with new multiple 93% + efficiency boilers.  The existing atmospheric gas boilers at each site were old technology and operating at 80% or less efficiency ratings.  Gas energy savings for space and domestic water heating is anticipated to be over 20% for each location.

The project includes interfacing the boilers’ integral controls to direct digital control (DDC) building automation systems (BAS) that will include optimizing the start/stop cycling, lead-lag operation, adaptive resetting of the boiler’s water temperature based on time of year, outdoor temperatures and the building’s actual demand for space and domestic water heat.

At several locations, new rooftop make-up air heating systems for common area/corridor ventilation was included to improve air quality and overcome negative building pressures caused by tenant and common area exhaust systems.  The new make-up air unit is also integrated into the BAS for energy efficient operation.

The project implementation is expected to save the client well over 30% in space and domestic water heating natural gas costs while drastically improving comfort levels throughout the building. Also included in the project is sub-metering of domestic water, electricity and natural gas consumption.  The digital sub-meters will send the data to the BAS where it can be viewed remotely through the internet.

Services include schematic design, design development, development of construction documents, bidding support, construction administration, and project closeout services.

Challenges and Successes:

The funding for this project must be committed in one year or less.  It was necessary to have a complete design approved and ready for bid in less than six months.