The Cleveland Municipal School District selected R.E. Warner & Associates, Inc. to provide architectural and engineering services for their “Warm, Safe & Dry Program”. This  project is the first phase of the District’s 10-year renovation and construction program. The purpose of this program is to make initial repairs to the existing schools in order to quickly make them warm, safe and dry until they are either renovated or reconstructed.

R.E. Warner prepared plans and specifications for roof repairs and replacement, architectural and general trade repairs, HVAC repairs, and electrical, fire and security upgrades for 18 elementary and middle schools, primarily on the west side of Cleveland.

The project was funded through the Ohio School Authority and all work was completed in accordance with their guidelines.

The eighteen schools include:

  • Artemus Ward Elementary
  • Charles A. Mooney Middle School
  • Denison Elementary
  • Douglas MacArthur Elementary
  • Garfield Elementary
  • H. Barbara Booker Elementary
  • Louis Agassiz Elementary
  • McKinley Elementary
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne Elementary
  • Paul L. Dunbar Elementary
  • Robinson G. Jones Elementary
  • Thomas Jefferson Middle School
  • Tremont Elementary
  • Valley View Elementary
  • Walton Elementary
  • William Cullen Bryant Elementary
  • William Rainey Harper Elementary
  • William Rainey Harper Elementary
  • Willson Middle School


  • Repair and upgrade of 18 elementary and middle schools
  • Funded by the OhioSchool Authority
  • Included architectural and engineering services
  • Plans and specifications completed in 60 days