R.E. Warner was selected to perform a boundary/consolidation, lot split survey and upgrade to ALTA survey of the Lakewood Country Club property located at on Bradley Road in Westlake, Ohio.  The survey included nine Cuyahoga County permanent parcels for a combined approximate 206 total acreage.  Our services included:


  •  Records research including deeds, plats, tax maps, roadway drawings, etc.
  •  Pin search for pertinent property line and centerline monumentation.
  •  Traverse project limits and set project control for property line monumentation location.
  •  Reduce, balance and resolve centerline, as well as, property line issues.

Lot Split Survey:

  •  Consolidation and lot split map of four parcel configurations.
  • Revisions to the consolidation and lot split map as needed.
  • Four legal descriptions of the split lands signed and stamped by a Professional Surveyor licensed and registered in the State of Ohio.
  • Setting capped iron pins around the perimeter corners of the four new parcel configurations.
  • Reconfigured sub parcels for future land sales.

Alternate Work Items:

  •  Subdivide three parcels and generate a subdivision plat for filing with Cuyahoga County Recorder’s office.
  •  Perform an ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey in accordance with the 2011 ALTA/ACSM Minimum Standards.