Randy Cecil Celebrates 45 Years at R.E. Warner

We are pleased to announce that today marks Randy’s 45-year anniversary with R.E. Warner. Randy joined the firm on July 31, 1973.

Over the years, Randy has served as an electrical/I&C designer, senior designer, electrical department manager, project engineer, and project manager. With excellent technical and project management skills, he boasts a well-rounded portfolio with dozens of projects in each of the firm’s markets, having served in varying capacities on most of the firm’s landmark projects during his tenure here.

Asked about his favorite project, Randy had this to say:

“My favorite project would have to be the recent Forge Press installation. It was one of those projects where the client was very easy to work with and knew what they wanted. In-house, we had great people working on it which led to a very smooth construction period. The contractors were very good and resolved issues with all parties without any major problems. And finally, the vendor supplying all the equipment was excellent, and despite a language barrier, was very easy to work with.”

“A great project is made up of great people and I was fortunate to have many great people working with me on this project. Being a very part-time knifemaker, the best part of the project was to watch a red-hot, 7-ton ingot of steel be reshaped by a press with 3,000 tons of force. Unbelievable!”

In 2013, Randy became a senior project manager and has since been focused on selling and managing projects in the metals market. His attention to detail and dedication to service ensures clients are well taken care of, helping to maintain many of our long-standing client relationships.

Randy lives in Vermillion with his wife Peg. In their free time, they enjoy spending time with their grandchildren. One of their favorite things to do with the grandkids is crafting, and over the years Randy has attended many classes developing his talents for that. He also enjoys golfing, hiking, recreational shooting, and occasionally a good movie.

Congratulations Randy and thank you for your service and many contributions to R.E. Warner!