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    Tri-C Metro Campus Plaza Renovation Project featured in Properties Magazine

Tri-C Metro Campus Plaza Renovation Project featured in Properties Magazine

The Cuyahoga Community College Metro Campus Plaza renovation is one of the featured project stories in this month’s issue of Properties magazine. Considered a “transformative” project in downtown Cleveland, the renovation encompasses an overhaul of the campus’ concrete plazas originally constructed in the 1960s making them more inviting as well as improving the connectivity of the campus and its surrounding environment. R.E. Warner has been proud to provide civil, structural and survey services as a consultant to City Architecture, the Architect of Record on the job, and we are especially honored to have received the following shout-out in the article:

“The most precarious aspect of the plaza redesign was carefully adhering to weight sensitivity of the below-grade structures. […] Another key weight consideration was what is essentially a green roof to the garages below. The fact that soil itself weighs more than concrete was an important part of decision-making, so every inch had to be specified and designed for the transformation, [Alex] Pesta [of City Architecture] notes.

‘R.E. Warner & Associates, acting as structural engineer, devised a colored key-plan chart system which aided in decisions on how deep the soil could be in certain areas, thereby dictating in part what types of plants […]

Case Study: In-Situ Truss Reinforcement

There is sometimes a misconception that routine engineering projects require plug-and-play solutions. However, in our experience, even these often present situations that require creativity.

For example, one of our Automotive and Manufacturing clients is expanding an existing line. In order to expand the line, existing trusses and jack trusses require reinforcement in order to install an extension to conveyors hung from the trusses.

Our structural designers have developed an in-situ reinforcement solution in order to simplify the design and avoid removal of loads prior to reinforcement. The design also reduces the total weight of steel required to reinforce the trusses.

Where reinforcement is required for the existing truss members, the solution calls for the design a new member cross section (existing plus reinforcement) without consideration for existing member stresses. As allowed by strength design, it is assumed the new section is capable of developing the full plastic capacity of the new built up member cross section. This assumes adequate connection of the reinforcement and not decreasing the radius of gyration to less than 85% of the existing radius of gyration.

The expansion is moving forward and this solution has saved the client cost and hassle. Furthermore, while this method of reinforcement is now […]

  • Village of Bratenahl Service Garage Ribbon Cutting

    Village of Bratenahl Celebrates Completion of New Service Garage with Ribbon Cutting

Village of Bratenahl Celebrates Completion of New Service Garage with Ribbon Cutting

Village of Bratenahl community leaders and personnel, neighbors, and the design/construction team gathered recently for the ribbon cutting celebrating the completion of The Village of Bratenahl’s new Service Garage & Salt Dome – the first building project the Village has undertaken since the 1930s.

Project Manager and Architect Jen Kalin, RA, NCARB, LEED AP was happy to report to the management team that this project was an all-around success. It was completed two weeks ahead of schedule, on budget, and fulfilled or surpassed the client’s objectives. Furthermore, the design and construction process went smoothly with no major issues requiring resolution.

The Village of Bratenahl is a very small “bedroom” community located just east of Downtown Cleveland. Encompassing 1.6 square miles and home to 1,200 residents, the municipality has few public buildings and seldom initiates construction projects. Thus, it was a big deal when in 2015 the Village commissioned a facility assessment for its service garage and salt dome, which discovered the facilities to be in such poor condition and in need of such costly repairs that a new facility was recommended. The journey to complete the Village’s first major building project in nearly 90 years began.

The Village opted to complete the project […]

  • 3D scanning at the PFHOF

    Fun on the Job: 3D Scanning at the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Fun on the Job: 3D Scanning at the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Although useful for a wide variety of applications, most clients in need of R.E. Warner’s 3D scanning and modeling services have come from the industrial sector. So, when 3D Scanning Coordinator Dave Andrews received a call from Saleem Choudhry, Director – Exhibits/Museum Services at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, he was excited.

“I spend most of my time in steel or chemical processing plants, or other heavy industrial manufacturing type facilities,” Dave said. “As a football enthusiast, it was very exciting to be asked to help develop the pieces for a new fan experience and get to go behind the scenes.”

Saleem reached out to Dave to ask R.E. Warner to complete 3D scanning of the John Madden, Joe Namath, and Tony Dungy bronze busts. 3D scanning is the process of using a special device to capture data about a physical object’s size, shape, and appearance, which is then used to create a 3D, digital representation of the object – called a “point cloud.”

The scans were completed for use in creating a new visitor experience that is yet to be unveiled. It’s a secret, so even we don’t know the exact details, despite having provided these services.

What was the […]

September 6th, 2018|Project|

R.E. Warner team helps Cleveland prep for Beyonce OTR II

When the Director of Stadium Facilities for the Cleveland Browns calls and asks for assistance with constructing Beyoncé’s stage for her OTR II tour stop in Cleveland, you get to work!

Survey Crew Chief Rocky Porterfield and Civil Designer Mike Christopher have been out at FirstEnergy Stadium helping crews build the stage for Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s concert taking place Wednesday, July 25. Our scope of work was to set the location of and elevations on the stage, the tracks, the camera booths, and decks.

Rocky and Mike worked hand-in-hand with Robert Hale, who is the Site Coordinator for Live Nation, specifically Beyoncé’s OTR II World Tour. When they started, he had just arrived from her Paris show, and so had to get everything organized in a short period of time. He showed the crew what he needed to keep the process moving smoothly, and they jumped right in.

The stage itself is about three stories high, taking up the entire west zone of the field in width, and extending 20 yards in length. The lighting and stage tracks coming off the main stage run the length of the field for Beyoncé to walk the crowd.

As with any surveying project, where due to […]