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CMC Steel Formally Dedicates New Durant, OK Micro Mill

On behalf of everyone at R.E. Warner & Associates, we congratulate Commercial Metals Company on formally dedicating its new micro mill in Durant, Oklahoma.

The mill is CMC’s second technologically advanced micro mill that uses a continuous-continuous manufacturing process which melts, casts and rolls steel from a single uninterrupted strand, resulting in higher yields and lower energy consumption than the traditional mini mill process.

We are honored to have been able to serve CMC on this project, providing preliminary engineering, structural, civil, electrical and mechanical installation engineering, and construction administration services.

Congratulations again to CMC and the entire project team for
working together to design, construct and commission this state-of-the-art facility.

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On The Boards: National Architecture Week 2018

In honor of National Architecture Week, we’re looking back at what’s been keeping our architects busy over the last year, from new buildings to maintenance and improvements projects.

New Bratenahl Service Garage
Design/Build services with Cold Harbor Building Company to construct a new service garage and salt dome to replace existing 100-year old facility. The project includes design of a new 1,600 square foot salt dome, a new 10,000 square foot service garage, a secure vehicle storage area, a secure above ground storage tank area and all associated site work.

New Viccarone Heating & Air Conditioning Facility
Complete A/E services for a new office and fabrication facility.  This new building will house a large open space for fabrication, loading/unloading, and storage as well as an office component which will house all the support areas such as private offices and conference rooms.

City of Cleveland City Hall Renovation
Renovation of two of the City’s offices, which include internal audit and risk management services.  Renovations have included new flooring, ceiling, walls, furniture, and fixtures.  This project also involved balancing and completing HVAC repairs in the Civil Service office.

Powerhouse Gym Tenant Fit Out
Preparation of a floor plan and provision of notes, legends, and schedules to obtain a building permit.

Multiple Roof […]

Why You Need a Building Assessment

Northeast Ohio’s buildings are aging. While we are seeing new construction and renovations aplenty with Cleveland’s renaissance, there are still many facilities past their prime. This is largely due to the fact many of our region’s buildings were constructed during the 1970s-80s construction boom. Unfortunately, most building materials are expected to last 30 years, which means many facilities are in need of repairs, especially in Northeast Ohio where our buildings are subjected to abuse by salt, causing components to deteriorate quickly.

Because of this situation, we often try to educate our clients about the importance of scheduling a building assessment. Often, owners recognize that their building needs some sort of repair only once it starts to leak. Usually, it’s leaking due to one of the most common failings – roofs, masonry or sealants. At this point, not only is there a need for an exterior repair, but there is also a need for interior water damage repairs.  Building owners and managers can limit building repair and maintenance expenses by having an assessment performed.

During a building assessment, architects and engineers take stock of the state of your building. We examine the envelope, HVAC system, and electrical components. We then look for things […]

  • Bratenahl Service Garage Announcement

    R.E. Warner Selected to Design New Bratenahl Service Garage & Salt Dome

R.E. Warner Selected to Design New Bratenahl Service Garage & Salt Dome

We are pleased to announce that The Village of Bratenahl has selected R.E. Warner and Cold Harbor Building Company for Design/Build services to construct their new service garage and salt dome. The project is to be completed in three phases:

Phase 1: Construction of a new 1,600 square foot salt dome to allow the Village to use the facility for the winter of 2017.

Phase 2: Construction of a new 10,000 square foot service garage, a secure vehicle storage area, a secure above ground storage tank area and all associated site work.

Phase 3: The demolition of the existing service garage facility and associated site work.

R.E. Warner is providing complete architectural and engineering services.

Stay tuned for updates as the project progresses.

An Overview of Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) is the holistic investigation of facility costs to assess the total cost of ownership. This includes building, maintenance and operations costs as well as the residual value of a building or a portion thereof. This process becomes useful during design as architects and engineers evaluate possible alternatives that differ in cost (both initial and long-term) but offer the same performance. For example, this calculation would be used when analyzing whether it makes sense to invest in a higher efficiency HVAC system with a greater initial cost but lower maintenance and operating costs.

To determine the answers to such questions, design professionals utilizing LCCA look at multiple factors and make recommendations based on an individual owner’s prioritized goals. The owner may be seeking to decrease hard maintenance costs, increase asset value or produce an overall savings. Each of these scenarios would necessitate a different decision.

In most cases, LCCA looks at the overall cost over the expected life of the building – i.e. “If X is implemented instead of Y, Z will be saved over so many years.” This is usually the value owners are considering when evaluating alternatives. In addition, owners often also need to know […]