Spring 2019 Issue of Excellence By Design Published

R.E. Warner is pleased to issue our Spring 2019 edition of Excellence by Design. In this issue, we spotlight our civil and structural engineering team as well as the initiatives the new firm board has undertaken. We also share “Perspectives & Insights” including a case study on in-situ truss reinforcement, our thoughts on traffic maintenance plans for construction, and managing change orders. Plus, as usual, select new projects and other news of note is included.

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All of us at R.E. Warner send best wishes for a wonderful summer season!

Case Study: In-Situ Truss Reinforcement

There is sometimes a misconception that routine engineering projects require plug-and-play solutions. However, in our experience, even these often present situations that require creativity.

For example, one of our Automotive and Manufacturing clients is expanding an existing line. In order to expand the line, existing trusses and jack trusses require reinforcement in order to install an extension to conveyors hung from the trusses.

Our structural designers have developed an in-situ reinforcement solution in order to simplify the design and avoid removal of loads prior to reinforcement. The design also reduces the total weight of steel required to reinforce the trusses.

Where reinforcement is required for the existing truss members, the solution calls for the design a new member cross section (existing plus reinforcement) without consideration for existing member stresses. As allowed by strength design, it is assumed the new section is capable of developing the full plastic capacity of the new built up member cross section. This assumes adequate connection of the reinforcement and not decreasing the radius of gyration to less than 85% of the existing radius of gyration.

The expansion is moving forward and this solution has saved the client cost and hassle. Furthermore, while this method of reinforcement is now […]

Encouraging a safety mindset – “Be Smart/Be Safe”

“Safety Culture” has become the go-to phrase for most safety programs in today’s businesses. But at what level is a “culture” operating, and how is it maintained? At R.E. Warner & Associates, we believe that safety is not just something to be thought about during work hours, but a continuous mindset that should be part of daily life – whether inspecting a boiler furnace duct on a cold winter day or grilling steaks with family and friends on a hot summer evening.

Being smart about safety entails more than taking a test once a year and knowing the ABCs of basic safety. It is about understanding the present dangers involved in the work or activities you are about to engage in, and what tools should be available to successfully and safely complete your endeavor. We advocate for always being aware of your environment, including the actions of other people around you, and always having a plan for emergencies should something arise that puts you or others in harms’ way.

To encourage a safety mindset, our firm has 21 mandatory training courses, with another 38 additional project- and discipline-specific training programs. We work with third party qualifiers like Avetta, Gatefeed, and ISNetworld […]

February 28th, 2019|Perspectives & Insight|
  • NEO Infrastructure Report Card News Conference

    R.E. Warner engineers participate in development and release of ASCE Cleveland’s Northeast Ohio Infrastructure Report Card

R.E. Warner engineers participate in development and release of ASCE Cleveland’s Northeast Ohio Infrastructure Report Card

ASCE Cleveland has released it’s Northeast Ohio Infrastructure Report Card, providing critical data about the state of our roads, bridges, water systems, schools and more in Cuyahoga, Lake, Lorain, Geauga and Medina counties. We are proud to share that R.E. Warner Senior Project Manager Matt Benovic, PE, SE (ASCE Cleveland Past President) and R.E. Warner Structural Engineer Ryan O’Hearn, PE (ASCE Cleveland President) both participated on the committee that managed this massive project.

The report gives our region’s infrastructure an overall grade of D+, but more importantly, it sheds light on needed improvements and raises public awareness about the need for investment.

To develop this report, over the course of 18+ months, local engineering professionals volunteered their time and expertise to visit public officials, examine various sources of data, and participate in monthly progress meetings. To “grade” the infrastructure, they were considering general physical conditions including whether they jeopardize public safety, the ability to meet present and future needs, and whether operations and maintenance are meeting government regulations, in addition to other factors specific to the type of infrastructure.

Matt and Ryan’s involvement in this undertaking is exemplifies our team members’ genuine commitment to improving our community for future generations through our […]

February 21st, 2019|Industry Event|
  • REW-2019-Board-Changes

    R.E. Warner Announces Election of New Directors to the Board; New COO

R.E. Warner Announces Election of New Directors to the Board; New COO

The R.E. Warner Board of Directors is pleased to announce the election of three staff members as new Directors to the Board. They are:

Matthew R. Benovic, PE, SE, Senior Project Manager
David G. Ferencik, PE, Manager, Operations and Civil/Structural
Jennifer R. Kalin, RA, NCARB, Senior Project Manager and Manager, Architecture

In conjunction, the Board also announces its Officer assignments:

CEO & President: Theodore A. Beltavski, PE
Chief Operating Officer: Francis H. Johnson, Jr., PE
Secretary and Health & Safety Officer: Matthew S. Barratt, PE
Treasurer: Matthew R. Benovic, PE, SE
Quality Officer: David G. Ferencik, PE
EEO Compliance Officer: Jennifer R. Kalin, RA, NCARB

Most notable is the creation of the Chief Operating Officer role, which has been established to continue to improve the firm’s operational effectiveness. Having previously served as Vice President of Project Management, Frank Johnson has been appointed to this position. As COO, he will lead technical operations including identifying and implementing procedures and technology to improve project delivery and ensure client satisfaction.

In addition to the above changes, the Board announces the voluntary departures of Business Development Manager Brett A. Neff and Accounting Manager Deborah I. Joppeck from the Board. The Board thanks them both for their dutiful guidance during their tenure as Directors.

With the […]

February 7th, 2019|Corporate News|