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    Fun on the Job: 3D Scanning at the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Fun on the Job: 3D Scanning at the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Although useful for a wide variety of applications, most clients in need of R.E. Warner’s 3D scanning and modeling services have come from the industrial sector. So, when 3D Scanning Coordinator Dave Andrews received a call from Saleem Choudhry, Director – Exhibits/Museum Services at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, he was excited.

“I spend most of my time in steel or chemical processing plants, or other heavy industrial manufacturing type facilities,” Dave said. “As a football enthusiast, it was very exciting to be asked to help develop the pieces for a new fan experience and get to go behind the scenes.”

Saleem reached out to Dave to ask R.E. Warner to complete 3D scanning of the John Madden, Joe Namath, and Tony Dungy bronze busts. 3D scanning is the process of using a special device to capture data about a physical object’s size, shape, and appearance, which is then used to create a 3D, digital representation of the object – called a “point cloud.”

The scans were completed for use in creating a new visitor experience that is yet to be unveiled. It’s a secret, so even we don’t know the exact details, despite having provided these services.

What was the […]

September 6th, 2018|Project|

Summer 2018 Issue of Excellence By Design Now Available!

We hope everyone has been enjoying a wonderful summer!

R.E. Warner is pleased to present you with our Summer 2018 edition of Excellence by Design. In this issue, we highlight our recent 3D scanning work to spotlight this technology’s versatility. We also share “Perspectives & Insights” on two topics: selecting the correct LOD for your BIM project and best practices in service/maintenance facilities design. We then recap the Ohio Stormwater Association conference. As usual, select recent projects and news of note is also featured. Finally, we welcome new team members, and remember two colleagues who we are sad to share have passed.

All of us at R.E. Warner wish you and your family a fun and relaxing rest of summer and a happy fall!

Read it here.

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    Construction Zones: A Look at How Traffic Maintenance Plans are Determined

Construction Zones: A Look at How Traffic Maintenance Plans are Determined

Ah, summer in Northeast Ohio. The season may be winding down, but construction will be going strong until the cold weather moves in. Of course, we all collectively groan when the orange barrels pop up along the routes of our commutes, but we engineers would like to reassure the public that we do our best to balance safety with minimizing the disruption to traffic in construction zones. We don’t like traffic jams either!

Here’s a look at how we go about forming a Maintenance of Traffic Plan for a construction project that impacts roadways/highways:

The primary function of temporary traffic control is to provide for the safe and efficient movement of vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians through or around temporary traffic control zones while reasonably protecting workers and equipment. The additional objective of the temporary traffic control is the efficient construction and maintenance of the roadway or highway.

In conjunction with the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (OMUTCD), all temporary traffic control must conform to ODOT’s minimum standard for all traffic control devices used during construction, maintenance, and utility activities plus incident management.

Every work zone situation is different, so several items must be considered in determining the traffic control needed. Questions […]

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    Congratulations to Eddie Dziubek – 45 years at R.E. Warner!

Congratulations to Eddie Dziubek – 45 years at R.E. Warner!

We are pleased to recognize Eddie Dziubek for his 45-year anniversary with R.E. Warner. Eddie joined the firm on June 11, 1973 as a civil engineer. Over the years, Eddie has worn many hats at R.E. Warner, from engineer to serving in a variety of leadership roles.

With over four decades of design, management and construction administration experience on capital improvement and maintenance projects for metal production and processing facilities, today Eddie serves as a Project Director focused on managing projects and developing business in the metals market.

“Eddie’s dedication to R.E. Warner for the past 45 years along with his passion for developing relationships with our clients is truly what sets him apart from his peers in our industry,” Senior Vice President Brett Neff said.

Asked which project he is most proud of, Eddie said: “The Arconic Martinsville, VA forging, grinding and hot metal manufacturing plant would be the one I’m most proud of. I was the project manager on the original job (when the company was known as RTI International) that lasted from 2008–2012. The project was successfully completed for all parties involved. Now we are involved with additional expansions at the facility. The best sales pitch a company can have […]

August 7th, 2018|Corporate News|

Congratulations to Randy Cecil – 45 years at R.E. Warner!

We are pleased to announce that today marks Randy’s 45-year anniversary with R.E. Warner. Randy joined the firm on July 31, 1973.

Over the years, Randy has served as an electrical/I&C designer, senior designer, electrical department manager, project engineer, and project manager. With excellent technical and project management skills, he boasts a well-rounded portfolio with dozens of projects in each of the firm’s markets, having served in varying capacities on most of the firm’s landmark projects during his tenure here.

Asked about his favorite project, Randy had this to say:

“My favorite project would have to be the recent Forge Press installation. It was one of those projects where the client was very easy to work with and knew what they wanted. In-house, we had great people working on it which led to a very smooth construction period. The contractors were very good and resolved issues with all parties without any major problems. And finally, the vendor supplying all the equipment was excellent, and despite a language barrier, was very easy to work with.”

“A great project is made up of great people and I was fortunate to have many great people working with me on this project. Being a very part-time knifemaker, the […]

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