Why You Need a Building Assessment

Northeast Ohio’s buildings are aging. While we are seeing new construction and renovations aplenty with Cleveland’s renaissance, there are still many facilities past their prime. This is largely due to the fact many of our region’s buildings were constructed during the 1970s-80s construction boom. Unfortunately, most building materials are expected to last 30 years, which means many facilities are in need of repairs, especially in Northeast Ohio where our buildings are subjected to abuse by salt, causing components to deteriorate quickly.

Because of this situation, we often try to educate our clients about the importance of scheduling a building assessment. Often, owners recognize that their building needs some sort of repair only once it starts to leak. Usually, it’s leaking due to one of the most common failings – roofs, masonry or sealants. At this point, not only is there a need for an exterior repair, but there is also a need for interior water damage repairs.  Building owners and managers can limit building repair and maintenance expenses by having an assessment performed.

During a building assessment, architects and engineers take stock of the state of your building. We examine the envelope, HVAC system, and electrical components. We then look for things […]

  • 3D Laser Tracking for Industrial Equipment Alignment

    Industrial Mechanical Equipment Alignment – Meeting the High Accuracy Demands of the Future

Industrial Mechanical Equipment Alignment – Meeting the High Accuracy Demands of the Future

The application of surveying in the industrial sector is demanding increasingly precise measurements. This is because manufacturers, industrial designers and fabricators must achieve maximum production from their machinery to remain competitive in today’s marketplace.

The accuracy of installations affects the quality of the product, speed of production, number of unsalable products, equipment life, and possibly the manufacturer’s equipment warranty. If anything goes wrong, the plant will incur losses. This is of concern not just to the plant, but also to the installation contractor, as the surveyors installing the industrial equipment could be liable for those costs. Given this environment, it is crucial to utilize the latest technologies to meet today’s accuracy standards and ensure proper survey record documentation.

Still, the most common measurement tools currently utilized for industrial surveying are optical instruments, often with a micrometer capable of readings within a few thousandths of an inch. To be fair, this technology is still effective in some cases. However, the optical instrument can supply only one measurement field – an X, Y, or Z reading. To obtain measurements in X and Z (elevation) in one instance, two different instruments (a transit and a level) would need to be set up. To obtain X, […]

  • Bratenahl Service Garage Announcement

    R.E. Warner Selected to Design New Bratenahl Service Garage & Salt Dome

R.E. Warner Selected to Design New Bratenahl Service Garage & Salt Dome

We are pleased to announce that The Village of Bratenahl has selected R.E. Warner and Cold Harbor Building Company for Design/Build services to construct their new service garage and salt dome. The project is to be completed in three phases:

Phase 1: Construction of a new 1,600 square foot salt dome to allow the Village to use the facility for the winter of 2017.

Phase 2: Construction of a new 10,000 square foot service garage, a secure vehicle storage area, a secure above ground storage tank area and all associated site work.

Phase 3: The demolition of the existing service garage facility and associated site work.

R.E. Warner is providing complete architectural and engineering services.

Stay tuned for updates as the project progresses.

Summer 2017 Issue of Excellence By Design Now Available!

This issue of Excellence by Design features the 50th anniversary of service of one of R.E. Warner’s  most valued employees – Project Director, Bob Ramer.  We hope you’ll enjoy reading our interview with Bob, as well as about the continued integration of our acquired high-tech surveying services, new projects, our staff and corporate news.

Read it here.

R.E. Warner Hosts Senior Experience Students

At R.E. Warner & Associates, Inc., we value the personal development of the individual. One example of this value in practice is that we frequently open our doors to high school students so that they may gain exposure to the engineering profession. This spring, R.E. Warner provided seniors the opportunity to acquire a more active and reflective understanding of their potential career by hosting three high school senior students for their Senior Experience Project.

The Senior Experience project is a three-week experience designed to help seniors explore a potential career of interest. Visiting R.E. Warner were Samantha Johnson and Ryan Tatton (Walsh Jesuit) and Logan Haney (Benedictine).

“Having Sam, Ryan and Logan with us was a great experience. Hopefully, they learned that a career in engineering/architecture is right for them. We really enjoyed getting to know them. The ‘Senior Experience’ is a very worthwhile opportunity for high school students to explore career possibilities.” remarked Brett Neff, R.E. Warner Senior Vice President.


Of her Senior Experience working at R.E. Warner, Samantha said, “Thank you for allowing me to do my senior experience at R.E. Warner. I was able to build a deeper understanding for what a degree in civil engineering might entail. The […]